Hi there 👋. I am Ali Raza, a self-taught web developer from Faisalabad, Pakistan.

I built my first website back in 2017 and never looked back. Now, after creating many fun projects and providing services as a freelancer for the past 3+ years, I am proficient at both frontend and backend development.

After all these years, I have realized that getting stuck in a problem and then pulling myself out of it is the best feeling ever. I love new challenges and I am very keen to learn new technologies.

My current skills include HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Typescript, JQuery, VueJS, NuxtJS, Angular, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, WordPress, Django, Git, Bash, Docker, LEMP/LAMP, and Composer/Yarn/Webpack.
I believe a programmer isn't defined by the technologies they know but by their ability to solve problems in the most efficient way possible.

I love CLI and my primary operating system is Ubuntu, so SSH'ing into servers and performing basic development operations is a breeze for me.

I am currently looking for a full-time remote position as a Web Developer. Feel free to contact or connect using the below links.